Our Team

Ownership Structure

NeuroEduCare is owned by Ms Chantel Mare who is a qualified Neurofeedback Therapist, Medic and Human Resources Manager. She has extensive business, education and assessment experience. Chantel's passion for her community brought together various experts from a multidisciplinary field to address the needs and meet the challenges within the community. Welcome to NeuroEduCare, your friendly local family centre.


Ms Chantel Mare is the sole director of NeuroEduCare and is supported by consultants and business partners across a diverse field.

Business & Leadership Skills

NeuroEduCare networks and provides support services to organisations ranging from business, professionals, NPO's and Social Services.


The management team consists of various professionals and consultants from several disciplines. NeuroEduCare sources only the most passionate leaders in their fields.

Professionals & Advisors

We incorporate and network with various professionals and experts from various fields.